The Simple Golf Swing is published by golf expert David Nevogt. The guide has been designed to help anyone with an 18 handicap or bigger. It will even improve the scores of more experienced golfers.

This excellent guide will help you learn a revolutionary new grip, setup, and alignment technique in a simple format with clear pictures and illustrations to show you how to do it.

The Simple Golf Swing uses the golfers’ spine as the focal point of the swing. As your shoulders rotate on the backswing, the spine operates as an axis. The back-swing is shorter than most swings taught so it takes a few practice shots to get used to, but following this excellent system will make your drives straighter and longer but with very little lost power. Following the rules in this guide will improve your shot consistency and drop your score.

This system – because it really is more than just a simple book – guarantees to lengthen your range and reduce your strokes by up to 10 in just two weeks. While this may sound incredible, it’s actually easily done when you consider how many penalty strokes are earned in an average round, how many yards are lost in a typical drive and how many times balls end up in the rough! This step-by-step course helps take the guessing out of your swing.

Simply put, this system works. If you’re a beginner or bogey golfer you’ll find this invaluable to help you improve your score now, not in ten or twenty years! More experienced players will also find tips to improve your game. Not sure if it’s right for you? Don’t worry as it’s covered by a no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

Here are some of the things the Simple Golf Swing program contains:

– The secrets to a winning swing plane
– How to gain more confidence on the course
– How to manage your emotions
– Simple tricks to change your hand action and add measurable distance to your shots
– Different grip styles and which work best
– Clubface alignment that will give you confidence on every tee.
– Simple techniques to hit more greens and get closer to the hole

You can have all of the greatest equipment, wear the best clothes and it won’t help you one bit until you can consistently hit the ball long and straight. The Simple Golf Swing will teach these fundamentals in no time.

A golf pro will easily charge $80 per hour. You can pick up this system for a fraction of this price as a one-off expense. Also included is a lifetime of free updates as they become available! You’ll also get 8 great bonuses.

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