It might not exactly be rocket science but there are still many factors to consider when swinging a golf club. In fact, to prove to you that it can really be quite simple, here is here is a short step by step golf swing guide that should help you play better.

Start at the beginning, for as they say, that’s the best place to start! Well, the beginning of any good golf swing is the setup position. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you need a good setup position. Of course, depending on your height and build, the appropriate posture will vary from golfer to golfer but generally I recommend that you stand straight with your feet and shoulders apart. During the backswing, rotate your torso while firmly holding the club’s shaft to maintain a 90 degrees angle with your forearm. As you swing, make sure that you move the club smoothly and quickly and at the same time maintain your balance.

Its important to try and move the shaft of the club into a frontal plane as you strike the ball. Let the club do the work and try and get the club head to strike the ball square to the angle of the swing and in the centre of the club face; this will give the best directional control. Of course, a fast and hard impact is important for gaining distance but I recommend, especially for beginners , that you sacrifice power for accuracy and remember that direction is just as important as distance. Swinging too hard is a common fault amongst novice players – be smooth and the rest will flow.

It’s vital not to forget about your balance as any good golf swing guide will keep reinforcing. If you want to achieve a smooth, powerful and above all a consistent swing then you must learn to control your balance.

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So there’s a basic no-nonsense golf swing guide. Ok, it may not have you winning the Masters but hopefully it can get you started on the path there. Of course, there are many better and more comprehensive guides available to download , and I thoroughly recommend that you invest in one if you seriously want to improve your game. I recommend that you check out this review site before you choose one though.

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