Keeping a consistent golf swing is, to say the very least the most vital part in golf. If the swing track is just a fraction out of line when impacting the ball, then the whole shot is ruined, and there is no chance your drive will land anywhere near your intended target. There is also no chance you will cover the distance you need to take less fairway shots to reach the green. So what are the main causes for this? Well most times it is in the body movement either on the upward angle or a slight shift when coming down to make impact with the ball. These are very subtle movements and are barely noticeable, but they are destroying your drive. There are other reasons which can do harm to your drive, preventing you from keeping a consistent golf swing.

The first basic part to remember, and this is for seasoned golfers male, and female, alike is your grounding. To try and swing properly is impossible if your stance is not set up strong and flexible. The feet must be set the correct distance from the centre of the golf ball. The ball must be dead centre of your body and the club face must be addressing the ball in the exact centre at the back of the ball. The grip on the club must be firm, but flexible so as that when the club impacts on the ball there will be no drawback on the top of the club causing it to twist slightly. If this happens there is not a clean impact on the ball and it most certainly will not go the distance, nor will it go accurately to your target area. This aspect of your game is vital, and if it is not addressed then you will never have a consistent golf swing.

The next vital component is keeping the downward swing arc exactly as the upward arc. You must keep the club plane absolutely on the same curve going up as coming down for impact. This is all in the arms and wrists action. If your wrists break too soon going up in your swing, then the whole drive will be out of kilter and this will also have devastating results. Your wrists must stay firm and your left arm straight and locked at the shoulder, this will give you pull and stability in your swing.

Keeping a consistent golf swing is the only way to retain a good golf score at the end of a game. sending your ball further and more accurately down the fairway means you will take less shots to reach the green. This puts you in the zone for birdies and pars instead of pars and bogies. If you have strayed away from a consistent golf swing, then I would recommend that you study a good E, Book to help get you back on track, practice the techniques and very soon you will be back on top of your game. Your friend in golf. Noel.

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